Day 20 – Wolfsburg

The morning

After waking up too early again, I turned around a slept for another hour or so. When I woke up again I first took a shower in my private guest bathroom. Together with Lisa and her son Jonathan I had breakfast. She had prepared freshly baked bread an nice cup of tea. Sadly I could not say goodbye to Sebastian, as he left for work early. I packed my bag and left a thank you postcard, as I do in every place I have slept. Now I was ready for my next stage, to Wolfsburg.

The route

Today I was walking to Wolfsburg, home to the Volkswagen factory and lot’s of people who work there. The route was 19 kilometer, and It was a great walk through nature, and some small towns. Here are some pictures:

Take a look at the route I walked here.

The hotel

I arrived at my hotel, Einschlaf, which provided with a room for two nights. For free. I was shown to my room, and took another shower because after a walk in 25+ degrees Celsius, I did not feel very fresh…

I relaxed on the bed for a while and went to a nearby supermarket to get some snacks and drinks for in my room. After that I took a little walk to the Autostadt, and I was called by a good friend. We chatted about how things were going and said goodbye. Then I got a message from another good friend who said that they arranged dinner for me. That was cool!

When I waited outside to be picked up by someone to be brought to my dinner location, I thought it might be possible that they could come to Wolfsburg too. And so they did, another surprise on my adventure.

We had dinner at Taparazzi, laughed a lot and drank some beers. They booked a hotel, and around 11pm we said goodbye to meet again tomorrow.


A resting day, well deserved I think. I have an interview planned with a WordPress podcast in the morning, and after that I will probably chill and maybe look around Wolfsburg.

See you tomorrow!

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  1. Marloes on June 8, 2019 at 21:55

    Wat cool Marcel, wat goed dat de verrassing gelukt is!

  2. kat on June 9, 2019 at 11:45

    Very awesome surprise, wonderful friends! πŸ™‚