Day 24 – Gardelegen


I woke up at a very decent time today, around 6:30am. I agreed with Sybille, the host of the AirBnb place I was staying, to have breakfast around 7:30am. So, at that time I went downstairs, and enjoyed a very nice prepared breakfast. She even prepared some strawberries, from her own garden, for me to take with me.

Also, because this was an AirBnb booking, I did not expect to have diner and breakfast. Sybille told me upfront that I would have to pay for that, and I was of course ok with that. So I paid Sybille €20, and she asked about my shirt. I had not told here I was also raising funds for DonateWC, and as soon as I said that, she gave me back the €20 and insisted that I should transfer the money to the fundraiser account. And so I did, After thanking her very very much.

The walk

After packing my bag and thanking Sybille for her great hospitality, I started my walk . A 28,9km walk to Gardelegen. I saw some small towns, lot’s of trees, not so many people, lots of trees, some hills, and did I mention trees?

It was a great walk and I greatly enjoyed the loneliness in the Klötzer forest, east of Klötze. The weather was very humid but there was also some wind and the temperature was around 25 degrees Celsius, which was just right.

Here are some pictures of today:

Here’s the route I walked today.

The hotel

I arrived around 3pm at the hotel in Gardelegen. It’s a nice hotel, where I will stay 2 days.


A day of rest is planned for tomorrow. I will visit some cultural places and I will visit a memorial site from a massacre by Nazi’s in the second World War.

See you tomorrow!