Vlog 2 – Training session 6

Training six for Walk To WordCamp Europe

This is my second vlog, telling you about my training progress, and that I’m looking for sponsors and places to sleep in Germany. Only 12 left! Oh, and if you were a sponsor, your logo and would be here.

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National radio picked up my adventure

Screenshot of radio studio - Weekend Wijnand

How it started This has been an exciting weekend. I regularly send out tweets to let my followers know what the status of route is, and if new places to sleep are added to the map. On October 18th I tweeted this, and got a response from someone at 3FM (a Dutch radio station). I…

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Training progress for Walk to WordCamp Europe

Training progress

First training Training is needed to prepare my body to walk 700km (see the route for the precise distance). For 30 days I will walk around 25 to 30 km per day, with about five to six resting days. My first training was done on the 9th of September. I prepared a roundtrip of about…

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Call for sponsors


Walk to WordCamp Europe is a private initiative. Because I’m self employed, I need to ensure my business still runs after this adventure. I need to hire people to help my customers during my absence. As a sponsor, you are the foundation for this fundraising project and will make it possible for me to keep…

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I will be raising funds for DonateWC


I just opened up the donate page. You can choose to donate for DonateWC, or sponsor me personally to buy some bratwurst along the way. Share this with all your friends, colleagues, clients, family members, pets. Thanks for donating and I hope to see you in Berlin. Photo by Christian Dubovan on Unsplash   Go…

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