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Day 9 – A day of rest in Bad Bentheim

Published by Marcel Bootsman on May 27, 2019

The morning

At 8am Luc and I met in the hotel lobby to get some breakfast. I had a great sleep, woke up too early again, but hey, body said it was ok, so it’s ok.

The breakfast was good, and Luc and had some good conversations. when we were ready, Luc checked out, and we made a picture outside. Here it is:

I went back to my room and got my wallet, to check out Bad Bentheim. A nice town, on a hill, with a castle. Take a look at the wiki page. Some nice facts about Bad Bentheim can be read there. Also, here are some pictures I took:

The rest of the day

Since today was a day of rest, I can summarize the rest of day with two GIFs.


See you tomorrow, for stage 9 on day 10. I’m going to walk 35km, to Riesenbeck.

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