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Day 16 – Hannover

Published by Marcel Bootsman on Jun 3, 2019

The morning

My first time waking up in Hannover. I will do this three times this trip. Yesterday I was brought here, and today I was brought back to the Deister Alm to start my hike to Hannover.

I woke up around 6pm, together with some birds. I stayed in bed for while, since today was not going to be a long trip. Saskia had to go the the doctor, and when she came back we drove to a place to have breakfast.

The walk

Saskia took me to the Deister Alm. There I started the walk, from about 250m on top of the hill, downwards. And that hurt. I had a bit of pain in my right leg, and I ignored it, since it wasn’t that bad.

Today was different. When walking down, my foot tends to flex more downwards, that’s normal. Except, the tendon from my ankle to my shinbone was a bit sensitive, and now even more. Eventually I managed to walk down and get to the ‘normal’ street.

Walking was less painful, but the pain did not go away. After 7,5km I had to stop. It didn’t feel good.

I got picked up by my parents, who took me back to their hotel and brought me to my next address for diner/sleep/breakfast at the end of the afternoon.

Here are some pictures of this short walk:

Hier wird nicht gesessen!

While waiting for my parents to arrive, I waited in a porch of a house. At a certain moment a woman came outside with a friendly dog. She said that I could not sit there, and it was their house. I tried to explain that I was just waiting, and did not want to make any trouble. So I kindly asked if I could site there. She walked away and nodded something.

I decided to sit in the bus stop on the other side of the road….

This was my first encounter with an unfriendly German. She was an exception, since all other Germans I know and met during this trip, are so friendly, social, thoughtful and caring.

The hosts

My dad dropped me off at my next accommodation, and I was welcomed by Suzanne, Ute, and their colleague Alexandra. I was showed around in the apartment and to my room, the guestroom. I dropped my bag there, and was invited to the kitchen because diner was being prepared. We had a drink in the kitchen, and then it was time for the starer. An asparagus soup with German sausages. It was very good, and also the main course was pretty good, it was a Swäbische Maultasche and like the soup, it was all home made. For desert there was a strawberry cheesecake, and after that, I was done. Or as the Germans say “Ich war satt”.

Around 9pm I went to bed.


I’ll be resting tomorrow, finding a doctor or a therapist to take a look at my leg.

See you tomorrow!

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