Day 18 – Peine

The morning

I woke up, together with the birds outside, around 5:20am. I had a great night at the place of Hansi and Nick. We had some good talks, good Indian food, I learned about the 150 plants in their home and their three axolotls. I slept pretty good, and saw that my right ankle was less swollen, and felt less painful. Nick had to leave early so we said goodbye first, after which Hansi and I had breakfast. She accompanied me to the street where the doctor was and we said goodbye.

The doctor

I arrived at the doctor around 8:50am. A bit too early, but since I knew I had to probably fill in a gazillion forms, it was ok. And yes, I had to fill in a lot of forms. When that was done I could take a seat i the waiting area. The most depressing waiting area I’ve ever seen. Just white walls, hard chairs an some local magazines. But hey, I had an appointment at 9:15am, so It was almost my turn.

More people came in, and I had to fill in even more forms. Around 9:55 I was called by the assistant. I was brought to a room and was told the doctor would be with me in a few seconds. Those seconds became minutes and finally the doctor came in and asked what was wrong. I explained the whole story as he wrote it all down.

The diagnosis

He looked at me and said: “It’s nothing”. I was very happy with that, and he asked me to take of my shoes and socks, so he could examine. His diagnosis was that I had a overloaded right ankle, and I have to give it some rest, do some exercises with it, and have more breaks while I am walking. I told him I was a happy man and he wrapped my ankle in a bandage for some extra support, while asking me some more things about my walk. We shook hands, and I was on may way again.

The train

I walked 2km to the train station, bought a ticket to Peine and waited for my train. Which was air conditioned, not so bad on a day with 30 degrees Celsius…

I arrived in Peine and walked another 1.7km to my hotel. My room was already available, so I took a long shower, and did some laundry. After that I did a powernap of 20 minutes and went to the city to have dinner.

Let’s hope my laundry is dry tomorrow morning.

Here are some pictures from today:


I will walk 24.2km to Meine tomorrow. With lots of breaks and with temperatures around 21 degrees Celsius.

See you tomorrow!

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