Day 19 – Meine

Waking up

I woke up around 5:20am. Feels early but my body thinks it okay to be awake then, I read some WordPress articles and then got out of bed to have shower. Also I had some laundry hanging in the bathroom, and that needed to go out, otherwise it would be wet again.

After getting dressed, I went to the breakfast room. It was a nice and complete breakfast. I ate some yoghurt, fruit and some bröthchen. When I got back to my room I packed my bag and was ready to go.

The walk

I left the hotel around 8:20am and headed east. Yes, that’s where Berlin is. The route brought me across a few small towns, woods, and fields and I enjoyed the views everywhere. See for yourself:

My ankle was doing fine. I took breaks every 5km or so, and that felt good. Not all the pain was gone, but it was manageable and at least I knew it wasn’t because me leg would fall of.

When I reached Adenbüttel, I had lunch in a Gaststätte, a restaurant. It wasn’t open yet, but the chef mad me dish because there was also a large group of cyclists who had reserved their lunch here. This was a very nice gesture form the chef. Thanks!

Now I only had to walk for about an hour and at 15:00pm I arrived at my place to sleep in Meine.

Here is the route I walked.

The hosts for today

I rang the doorbell, a real one, and Lisa opened the door. Her son Jonathan was with her, he’s only 4 months old. We had a nice chat, she showed me around the house, an old barn renovated to be a house and showed me my room and private guest bath room.

After taking a shower we had some nice chat about work, and Walk to WordCamp Europe when her husband Sebastian got home. He had to do some work in the garden so we prepared dinner -> light the bbq!

We ate some nice pieces of meat, a potato-salad and some garlic bread, after which I began to ged tired. So, I excused myself brushed my teeth and got into bed, to write a blog and go to sleep.


I will walk to Wolfsburg tomorrow. Known from the Volkswagen factories. A trip of 19km.

See you tomorrow!

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