Day 21 – Rest day in Wolfsburg

The morning

It was 6am when I woke up today. So late! Maybe a needed that extra half hour in the morning. The hotel bed was awesome and I really felt good. Breakfast was not until 9:30am, so I started to read some things about Gatsby, a framework for building websites and apps.

When it was around 9:30am I went downstairs to get some breakfast. And what a breakfast that was. A small hotel, but an extremely large breakfast buffet. Seems to be very popular with the locals too, because it was really crowded. Here is a picture of the cereal buffet:

Cereal buffet at Atelier Cafe / Einschlaf hotel in Wolfsburg

When I was done with breakfast my friends joined my, and also enjoyed themselves with the vast amount of possible choices of food and drinks.

After that we went to the Wolfsburg Castle. The castle wasn’t open yet, but we could enjoy a nice walk in the garden. When the castle opened, we could only see a large party tent in the middle square, and could not find an other entrance. let’s say this castle was well secured…

Then we went to the Autostadt, the headquarters of Volkswagen and a customer experience center. It was very cool to see all brands of Volkswagen and get a glimpse of some very exclusive cars.

We got really hungry by the time we were done, and we had a late lunch at a burger restaurant, not the one with the yellow M though… My friends had to leave again, they had to drive for 4,5 hours to get home, so they drove me to my hotel where we said goodbye and I thanked them for this cool surprise.

Here are some pictures of today and I really hope you can see what pictures where taken in the castle garden and which ones where taken in the Autostadt.

The animals

Yes, I’ve seen animals today. So it’s time for a new episode of “What animals has Marcel seen today?”. #WAHMST Here’s two pictures, a cute one and a slimy one.


I will walk to Rühen tomorrow. A walk of around 11km. I’m looking forward to it.

See you tomorrow!

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