Day 22 – Rühen

The morning

I woke up early again and decided to stay in bed for a while. Breakfast was served at 9:30am, and I was really looking forward to it. After I took a shower I already packed some stuff and went downstairs for breakfast. It was amazing again, so much choice, and very crowded again.

I finished breakfast and went up to get my backpack and check if I had packed everything. I asked Tobias Senft, the owner of the hotel and café for a picture together. We did that and I thanked him very much for providing me a two day stay including breakfast at the Einschlaf hotel.

Tobias Senft and Marcel Bootsman in front of the Atelir Café

The walk

I left Wolfsburg and walked along the Allersee in the direction of Forsvelde. It was a short walk of about 12km, and brought me through small towns. In these town were little squares, with benches and that gave me plenty of opportunity to rest. I’m still hearing the doctor in my head. Rest after 5km, he said..

Around 2:30pm I arrived in Rühen and was welcomed by Jürgen and Olga and there 1 year old son Amon. I was showed to my room and took a shower to fresh up. After that we had a late lunch, and chatted in the garden. Around 7pm we ate some more, and I went to bed to write this blog and watch some soccer (Portugal – The Netherlands) and maybe some Netflix.

Here are some pictures of today:

Here’s the route I walked.

The animals

Today is a special episode of #WAHMST, or “What animals has Marcel seen today?”. Only one animal, but a special one. I almost stepped on it, and first I thought it was a worm. It clearly wasn’t. It was a snake. If anyone knows which one, please let me know.

Snake, labello for scale


I’m walking to Ristedt tomorrow, a walk of 25km.

See you tomorrow!

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