Day 23 – Ristedt

The morning

I slept so long this night. I woke up around 6:30am. I took a shower and went downstairs to have breakfast together with Jürgen and Olga and their son. Breakfast was good, and I even got to prepare some sandwiches for later today.

I packed my bag, as I always do, and said goodbye to Olga, Jürgen and Amon.

The walk

Today’s route brought me to Ristedt, a very small village northwest of Klötze. I walked through very quiet parts of Germany, and crossed the former border that separated West and Eastern Germany after the second World War. Since 1990 the border has been removed, and Germany was united again. I saw lot’s of monuments from after the first and second World War in the villages, remembering their victims.

I arrived in Risted around 2:30pm and was welcomed by Sybille and her husband. After my room was shown to me, I took a shower and planned om having a powernap. Well, that turned out to be a proper nap after all.

At 7pm I was invited to join dinner, and we ate salad, brad and sausage. I then saw they had a dog, and I really had to play with him. That was fun because I also miss my own dog.

Around 9pm I went to bed and started to write this blog. Here are some pictures of today:

The animals.

Always good to have another episode of #WAHMST, “What animals has Marcel seen today?”. Today I was treated to two encounters with deer. The first encounter really made me jump, because a deer was right next to me in a wheat field, and it decided to cross my path and run away. Of course I was too slow to make a picture or video if it. The second time I saw the deer standing at a distance of 20 meters, and decided to make a picture of it. When I got closer after I took the picture it vanished in the wheat field.

The other animal of today was Nele, e 3 year old dog that was so funny and fast. I played with the dog for a few minutes and it was so much fun.

Oh, and there were cows.


I will walk 27km to Gardelegen, and I will have another day of rest afterwards. I will also visit some memorial places of the second World War.

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