Day 25 – Rest day in Gardelegen

The morning

The night was a bit weird. A big thunderstorm passed Gardelegen and between 1am and 3am it was very noisy outside, and I couldn’t sleep. Around 7:30am I woke up, had a shower and enjoyed a nice breakfast here in the hotel.

When I was done, I saw a few old Ford Model T cars that a bunch of people were using to tour through Germany. They were in great shape. The cars I mean.

World War II

When I planned my route, I also checked each city to see if there were and cultural / historical sites I had to visit, when I had the time. Since today was a resting day, I took that time to visit a memorial site of a massacre that took place just outside of the town of Gardelegen. 1016 people were forced to walk to a barn, where they were brutally killed. It was a 4km walk, and along the route were small memorial stones, with the date this occurred, April 13th, 1945.

The visit made a big impression to me, as all WW2 memorial sites do. Here are some pictures. If you want more about this, please look it up on Wikipedia or search for it. Some resources are too graphic to be included here.


I will continue my journey to Berlin tomorrow, and will walk to Tangerhütte. A walk of 32km.

See you tomorrow!

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