Day 27 – Rest day in Tangerhütte

The morning

After a great night of sleep, after some thunderstorms and rain yesterday evening, breakfast was calling me. I had a few brötchen (small bread) fresh orange juice, tea and a perfectly cooked egg.

The walk

There was no official walk today, just some wandering around this town. It’s an old town, with industrial history. There are two castles here, both in a not so good state. Here is some more info about Tangerhütte on the German wikipedia page. (please translate to your own language, if needed)

I walked through the city park, visited (not the interior) the two castles and walk across the main road. Here are some pictures of my walk:

The animals

I was lucky to encounter a squirrel in today’s edition of #WAHMST (What animals has Marcel seen today)


I will be walking to Genthin tomorrow. A walk of 26km, with no military practice area on my way.

See you tomorrow!