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Donation progress

Currently a total of €1462,95* has been donated. A goal of €6000 is set. With that amount three people can be supported to go to a WordCamp (based on average costs).

* This amount is the total amount of donations minus the payment provider transaction fees

Sponsor or donate?

When I started with this idea of walking to Berlin, I did not think about funding. I am away from home (and work) for about 30 days, and I have expenses like food and drinks. Also, I need to buy some stuff to make the trip a safe one.

So, I had the idea of having people donate and pay the trip for me. Hmm, that doesn't sound right does it? Maybe it's better to give people the choice to sponsor me personally, or donate to charity.

That sounds better, I am going to get attention by walking to WordCamp Europe in Berlin, and along the way I'll raise funds for a charity. But which one? Well that's going to be easy.

Why I chose DonateWC

DonateWC was founded by Ines van Essen. And since she started it, I was a fan of this initiative.

DonateWC is an initiative that aims to provide people with lesser financial means with funds to get to a (big) WordCamp. From donations that we collect, we’ll provide deserving community members with the following:

  • A WordCamp ticket
  • Door to door transportation
  • Accommodation
  • Food and drink money
  • Internet access
  • A once-in-a-lifetime experience

Helping people with financial challenges to attend a WordCamp is something that strengthens the community and brings people together. By raising funds for DonateWC, I am helping these people, and support the WordPress community (which I have been doing for a while in other areas the last years).

How to donate?

You can donate by using the form below. Payment can be done with:

All donations (minus the costs for the payment provider) will be handed over to DonateWC when I arrive in Berlin.

If you want to donate to me or sponsor the hike, that's possible too. Go to the sponsor page to read more.

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Donation Total: €50,00

🥾 Time until I start walking