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In the above map, you can see the route I am going to walk. Total distance is 748,5 km.

Stages in The Netherlands πŸ‡³πŸ‡±

Date Location Staying at Stage length (km)
May 19th 🏠 Berkel en Rodenrijs πŸƒDeparture -
May 19th Gouda πŸ›Œ Yvette en Marco 25,1
May 20st Utrecht πŸ›Œ Rik Burger 32,5
May 21nd Amersfoort πŸ›ŒΒ Niels van Renselaar 28,5
May 22rd Stroe πŸ›Œ Victor 22,4
May 23th Deventer πŸ›Œ Ruben Zwiers 36,5
May 24th Markelo πŸ›Œ Christian 33
May 25th Borne πŸ›Œ Mark Jansen 16,1

Stages in Germany πŸ‡©πŸ‡ͺ

Date Location Staying at Stage length (km)
May 26th Bad Bentheim πŸ›Œ Luc Princen 29,8
May 27th Bad Bentheim πŸ›Œ (Rest day) -
May 28th Riesenbeck πŸ›Œ Maria 34,9
May 29th OsnabrΓΌck πŸ›Œ Silke 40,1
May 30th Ostercappeln πŸ›Œ Daniel 12,3
May 31st Espelkamp πŸ›Œ Mittwald 30,6
June 1st Petershagen πŸ›Œ Annabelle 26,5
June 2nd Barsinghausen πŸ›Œ Saskia 36,6
June 3rd Hannover πŸ›Œ Susanne & Ute 27,4
June 4th Hannover πŸ›Œ Hansi (Rest day) 3,6
June 5th Peine πŸ›Œ Hotel Stadt Peine 39,4
June 6th Meine πŸ›Œ Lisa 24,2
June 7th Wolfsburg πŸ›Œ Tobias 19,1
June 8th Wolfsburg πŸ›Œ Tobias (Rest day) -
June 9th RΓΌhen πŸ›Œ Olga 11,8
June 10th Ristedt πŸ›Œ Sybille 25,2
June 11th Gardelegen πŸ›Œ Hotel und Restaurant CafΓ© am Rathaus 27
June 12th Gardelegen πŸ›Œ (Rest day) -
June 13th TangerhΓΌtte πŸ›Œ Hotel am Rathaus 32,6
June 14th TangerhΓΌtte πŸ›Œ (Rest day) -
June 15th Genthin πŸ›Œ Hotel & Restaurant Stadt Genthin 26,6
June 16th Brandenburg an der Havel πŸ›Œ City Hotel Pension Brandenburg 28,6
June 17th Groß Kreutz πŸ›Œ Dormotel Havelland 12,7
June 18th Potsdam πŸ›Œ Caspar HΓΌbinger 30,8
June 19th 🏁 Berlin πŸ›Œ Estrel Berlin - WCEU Venue 26,5