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Check out the flags on the map. Those are the locations I'm looking for a place to sleep. Share this page with your friends. Thanks!

πŸ₯Ύ Time until I start walking


In the above map, you can see the preliminary route. Total distance with the current waypoints (places where I'll sleep) is 737 km (this number can and will change until the route is final). In, or around, the towns listed below I'm looking for a place to eat, rest and sleep. I can cook a nice meal for you in return, if you arrange the groceries πŸ˜‰.

Do you have a spare bed, or know anyone that has one, please let me know.

of 26 beds reserved

Stages in The Netherlands πŸ‡³πŸ‡±

No more places to sleep needed in The Netherlands. Thanks!

DateLocationStaying at
May 19thBerkel en RodenrijsπŸƒDeparture
May 19thGoudaπŸ›Œ Yvette en Marco
May 20stUtrechtπŸ›Œ Rik Burger
May 21ndAmersfoortπŸ›ŒΒ Niels van Renselaar
May 22rdStroeπŸ›Œ Victor
May 23thDeventerπŸ›Œ Ruben Zwiers
May 24thMarkeloπŸ›Œ Christian
May 25thBorneπŸ›Œ Mark Jansen

Stages in Germany πŸ‡©πŸ‡ͺ

I only need 8 more places to sleep in Germany. Do you live along the route, or know someone that does, please let me know.

DateLocationStaying at
May 26thBad BentheimπŸ›Œ Luc Princen
May 27thBad BentheimπŸ›Œ (Rest day)
May 28thRiesenbeckπŸ›Œ Maria
May 29thOsnabrΓΌckπŸ›Œ Silke
May 30thOstercappelnπŸ›Œ Daniel
May 31stEspelkampπŸ›Œ Mittwald
June 1stPetershagenπŸ›Œ Annabelle
June 2ndBarsinghausenπŸ›Œ Saskia
HannoverπŸ›Œ Susanne & Ute
HannoverπŸ›Œ Hansi (Rest day)
MeineπŸ›Œ Lisa
πŸ›Œ (Rest day)
πŸ›Œ (Rest day)
Brandenburg an der Havel
Groß Kreutz
June 18thPotsdamπŸ›Œ Caspar HΓΌbinger
June 19th🏁 BerlinπŸ›Œ Estrel Berlin - WCEU Venue