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Day 11 – Osnabrueck

Published by Marcel Bootsman on May 29, 2019

As I’m typing this, it’s 8pm, and I’m already in bed. I’m tired. Not so surprising while I’ve been walking 42.4km today.

Start of the day

I had a great night sleep at the house of Maria en Ralf. Around 5am, Ralf had to leave for work, so glad we said goodbye yesterday evening. I haven’t heard him in the morning. Signs of a good sleep. After having breakfast with Maria and Sabine, I packed my bag, said goodbye and started walking, to Osnabrück.

The walk

This the walk I’ve feared from the beginning of my planning. But today, that fear was gone. I left this morning and first did a detour to a viewing point on a small hill. Just 256 steps up. Well, I’m glad I followed this tip by Maria. What a view. You can see the picture in the gallery below.

I continued my way to the first town, Ibbenbüren. I made it a habit to look at the distance it takes to the next town/village, and not look at the number of kilometers to go for the whole route. This works best for me. Well, except for the last part of a stage, then I really countdown the last kilometers. I walk through hills, along a railway track, on the side of roads were cars drive too fast (yes, I’m in Germany, and no, not all Germans drive like that) and I stopped in a village Laggenbeck to have lunch, after I made a nice picture of the church there. A tuna salad was served, and I had a little talk with the owner. He was calling me insane to be walking to Berlin. And yet he wished me luck, and showed his respect for me. A very motivating gesture.

Next up were Velpe and Lotte, small villages, just before Osnabrück. I had been walking for seven hours already when I entered Osnabrück, But I wasn’t there yet. I had 9 km to go, all the way to the east side. It was hard, warm and my feet felt tired. But, I didn’t give in to the pain, I didn’t give up, and around 5:45pm I pressed the doorbell, just after I made a “I’ve arrived selfie”.

The animals

Yes! Another “What animals has Marcel seen today” episode today. #WAHMST

Cows are so curious, and when I stepped closer, they stepped back, and the other way around. It was fun. Until I realized I was talking to them….

The accommodation

Silke and Nils were already waiting for me, and I had a quick shower. The room was prepared with a welcome package, as you can see in the gallery. So nice! Then we had a real Osnabrück beer, Rampendahl. It was so good! Silke had been preparing dinner, and after dinner I was too tired. I needed sleep. I excused myself, put my legs up, got into bed, an started typing. And here’s the result.


A 12km walk to Ostercappeln is on schedule for tomorrow. Maybe I’ll first take a bus to Osnabrück center, to be a tourist. And take the bus back to were I got in. So I don’t cheat.

See you tomorrow!

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