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Day 12 – Ostercappeln

Published by Marcel Bootsman on May 30, 2019

It’s 10pm, and I’m ready for bed. But first, write a blog about this 12th day of Walk to WordCamp Europe and store my experiences of today. Here we go.

The morning

This morning I slept until about 7am. Probably because of the marathon I walked yesterday. I woke up with feet that were in good condition, and legs that were the same. So, I was happy. I got dressed and the breakfast table was already set by Silke and Nils.

Because today’s stage was around 12km, I first went to Osnabrück center, Nils brought me there by car. My backpack was still with Silke, at their home. It was so easy to walk without 10kg on my back.

I wandered around the city, and realized a lot of places are closed, even museums. So after a few hours, I had a cup of tea and took the bus back to were my backpack was. Here are a few pictures of my city tour.

The walk

I left around 12pm and started one of the shortest stages of Walk To WordCamp Europe. I walked through a nice area with big houses, with big gardens, a forest, countryside with dirt roads, and along traffic.

During the walk I was in contact with Detlef and Esther, who live in Osnabrück. While sending GPS locations they managed to find me, and walked along to Ostercappeln. We had good chats about my adventures and experiences so far and they walked along (with their electric bicycles) to Ostercappeln. Here are some pictures from during my walk:

We tried to go to a cafe on the town square, but none of the places where open yet. So we just had a nice talk there, with fictional beers. In the corner of my eye I saw a couple and they kissed. Which I thought was pretty sweet.

When it was time to go the place of Daniel, I said goodbye to Detlef and Esther, and started the final part of my walk. 600 meter. I rang the doorbell and Daniel and his girlfriend Eli opened the door, and I was welcomed inside. I took a quick shower and we had a few cups of tea. Eli had been living in the UK for four years, so tea was in her system. When it was time for diner, Daniel called a local restaurant, and we walked to it. Then Daniel realized he saw a guy with a white shirt, and some other people site on the town square, and thought it was me. And it was. Yes, I saw them walking and kissing.

We ate flammkuchen, a local specialty, and drank a few beers. We ate 5 flammkuchen, and closed the diner with a desert flammkuchen. With strawberry and Nutella. OMG that was yummy!

The art

Yes, today is another edition of “What art has Marcel seen today?” #WAHMST. Nope, no animals, but art. Well here it is. A vending machine that servers art. Small art.


I’ll walk to Espelkamp tomorrow. A walk of 30km, and I will stay in a hotel that night. Sponsored by the lovely people of Mittwald.

See you tomorrow!

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