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Day 13 – Espelkamp

Published by Marcel Bootsman on May 31, 2019

The morning

After a great sleep, I woke up around 7am and packed my bag. Daniel and Eli prepared breakfast and we ate some freshly baked bread. I wanted to leave on time, since today it would be warm. I thanked Daniel and Eli for their hospitality and started stage 12, to Espelkamp.

The walk

Today’s walk was about 30km, so not light, and not too heavy. When I left the house, it had stopped raining so it was nice and fresh outside. Within a few kilometers I had to shorten my pants, since it felt really warm. I kept on walking for about 11km and realized I had not taken a serious break. That is, more than 3 minutes, I took to zip off the bottom parts of my pants.

I walked to Bad Essen, and after I passed that town, I walked along the Mittlandkanal, a channel that goes from Ibbenbühren to Magdeburg. I thought it was going to be 9km of walking along the channel, but it turned out to be more. After 11km I was done. I had my first break. After 22km. I was amazed. Mu body is changing, getting stronger, and I could not believe that had been walking for 3,5 hours with no break. I continued my trip and exited the road along the channel. I was out of water.

Since the temperature was getting above 25 Celsius, I really needed water. So I took a left turn, and walked to a farm where I saw some people. I asked if they could help me with some water, and the gladly helped. They also offered me a bottle of beer, but I rejected that, too heavy 😉

So, I was on my way again, and started the last 10km of this stage. I first walked on asphalt, then into a dirt road, and then, Google Maps said I had to take a right turn. But there was nothing. Just grass, a bit shorter grass, which was supposed to be the track. It was only 500 meter, so I took that path. I came out with red legs, because of some grass allergy I have, and red knees, because of some nettles. (As I’m typing this, all of these irritations are gone)

When I arrived in Espelkamp I took another short break to cool off my feet. I saw some traces of partying youth, since there were all kinds of little liquor bottles next to the bench.

Here are some pictures of today:

In Espelkamp I’m staying in a hotel, kindly sponsored by Mittwald. When I arrive there, I checked in and took a long shower. I went to the hotel terrace and there I met Florian and Jens. Florian is one of the founders from Mittwald and Jens is the head of customer service. We had a great chat and they invited my to join them for diner in the city center. So, for the first time in about 14 days, I stepped inside a car. We had a great meal at the local steakhouse, after which Florian took me to a huge supermarket to get some protein bars and sport drink for my walk tomorrow.

Thanks Florian and Jens, I had a great time, and it was good meeting you! Also thanks for the shirt!


I’ll be walking to Petershagen tomorrow. A walk of 26km. It’s going to be hot day here, with temperatures around 30 degrees Celsius. Wish me luck and see you tomorrow!

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