Day 17 – Rest day and many thanks to Meindl

The morning

After waking up for the second time in Hannover on this trip around 6am, I read some blogs on my phone, and took a shower around 7am. I packed my bag and was invited for breakfast. Homemade bread and strawberry jam was waiting for me.

After breakfast I called a doctor that was close to my current place, but it had no available spot for me. So I decided to go on to my next place in Hannover and search for a doctor there.

The walk

This was a walk of 3,6km. Thought the city. A very busy city with lots of students, cafe’s, restaurants, supermarkets, etc etc. Hannover is a city that is very much alive. I arrived at my place next to the Luthers church, and was welcomed by Hansi.

The host

Hansi was very hospitable, showed me around in the apartment and showed me the guestroom. She had to go to work and gave me the keys to the apartment so I could stay, or go outside if I wanted to. But first I had to find a doctor. I used Google maps, found one that was close, called it, and they had a spot available. Whoohoo! Now I had to open a package that was delivered for me here.

New Meindl shoes!

On May 27th, I sent an email to Meindl, the manufacturer of the shoes I’m wearing to walk to Berlin, asking if they can say if my shoes were going to make it to Berlin. The soles were wearing off, of it worried me. In the email conversation is it became clear to me that the wear off was normal, so I asked if they could help me out. I was asked to send my phone number so they could call me. And so they did a few minutes later. I was offered a new pair of shoes that they would send to a place of my desire. I chose Hannover, since I was here for a few days, and it was just after the weekend, so the shoes could be sent, and delivered on time for me to get them. So today I got the package and wore my new shoes, and they feel great!

Resting and sight seeing

I went to the Herrenhäuser Gärten, to meet my parents, who were still here. What a beautiful place, we visited the gardens and the museum. A real must-do, when you are in Hannover, or in the area. I’ll just let the pictures do the talking.

The doctor

At 3:50pm I had an appointment with the doctor. I had to fill in some papers and I was called in. The doctor asked about what I’m doing, and what the problem is, so I explained everything. She examined both legs, and found that there was a swelling on my right ankle. She sadly could not diagnose further, since it’s impossible. An expert has to look at it, and an x-ray picture has to be taken. So I was forwarded to another place, just a few blocks further.

Hoping to get an appointment today, or tomorrow, I explained what was going on and the calendar was browsed. “Sorry, we have no room until next week”. “Oh wait, you are lucky, tomorrow at 9:15am, is that possible?” Yes of course!


I have an appointment at a orthopedic doctor’s practice tomorrow. Updates will follow on my Twitter account, or you can read it in the next blog. Also, I have to go to Peine, not sure if it will be by foot or public transport.

See you tomorrow!

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  1. Harald en Marloes on June 4, 2019 at 22:18

    Hey Marcel, wat gaaf om je blogs te lezen, echt super stoer dat je dit doet, we zijn trots op je!! Zet hem op en hopelijk is je enkel gauw hersteld! Veel plezier met je ouders, groetjes van ons! Harald, Marloes en co