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Day 28 – Genthin

Published by Marcel Bootsman on Jun 15, 2019

The morning

This morning was different. Not different because I slept longer than ‘normal’, but different because I decided to leave early. Too early to have breakfast. The friendly people of the hotel made me a take-away-breakfast. Sandwiches, an egg, drinks, yogurt, an apple and a banana. I could hardly fit all of it in my bag.

The walk

I walked out the door of the hotel around 7:15am. I had already checked the route, but I decided to check while I was walking. After about one kilometer, I had to choose, left or right. The route to the left would bring me through a forest-ish area, possibly with dirt roads. The route to the right would also take me through forest-ish areas, but then alongside a main road and some villages. I decided to go right. Both routes eventually end up at the point where I would have to cross the river Elbe by boat.

Until the crossing of the Elbe the weather was OK. It was cloudy, warm and very humid, but not too warm. When I crossed the Elbe, I took a moment to eat some sandwiches, an apple, drink a juice carton and applied some sunscreen. The clouds started to move north, it was about 11am, so the sun would reach it strongest moment of the day. From Frechland, the town just next to the Elbe it was about 5km to the next town, Nielebeck. And then some 8km more to get to my hotel in Genthin. These two stretches were boring yet I had to keep paying attention. They were boring because these two stretches were mainly straight long roads, I had to pay attention since there was no bike/pedestrian path. I walked on the left side of the road. My compliments to 99% of the German drivers, they all noticed me and gave me some room to walk while they passed me.

Around 1:30pm I checked in at the hotel in Genthin. Which by the way is the birthplace of Persil (a well known laundry detergent in Europe). I took a shower and chilled for while. Around 6pm I went to the restaurant in the hotel. They said there was no room, because the kitchen was too busy. So, I walked across the street, ordered a take-away pizza (which was yummy, and baked in a wood burned oven) and a small bottle of soda. then I went back to the hotel, smiled at the receptionist and went to my hotel room.

This is the route I walked and here are some pictures of today.


I will walk to Brandenburg an der Havel tomorrow. A walk of 28km and I will be joined by Nico Danneberg.

See you tomorrow!

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