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Day 29 – Brandendurg an der Havel

Published by Marcel Bootsman on Jun 16, 2019

The morning

After having breakfast in the hotel, I packed my bags and checked out. I woke up around 4:50am, and I was awake. This has to stop!!! It’s insane!

Outside I waited for Nico, he was joining me for today’s walk to Brandenburg an der Havel.

The walk

We introduced each other and I first had to get to an ATM, because cash money is really something you need in this region of Germany. So, Nico launched Google Maps, and we walked in the right direction. No, we didn’t. There was the first detour of the day, and it was funny. We managed to find an ATM and I got some cash. Then we started our walk. It wasn’t a really challenging route, since most of the route we would walk alongside, or on the B1, a road that goes from the border of The Netherlands to the Polish border.

We took breaks about every 5-6km and around 12:15pm we saw a sign of a restaurant, and it started to rain a bit. So, we decided to get lunch at Restaurant Seeblick, with a view of the Wendsee.

After lunch we continued our walk, which brought us over the Havel. Nico had an idea to walk alongside the B1 route, but that was a dead end. There was detour number two. Just a hundred meters, and we had a big laugh about it.

Close to the village of Heideklug we had a beer and our last break. Just 6km to go. Around 4pm we arrived at my hotel and we said goodbye.

It was really fun to be accompanied during a walk. It really makes time go faster. Thanks again Nico! Niceo has written a blog about this walk on his blog, so check it out here.

Here is the route we walked and some pictures of today:

The animals

In today’s episode of “What animals has Marel seen today?” #WAHMST, we have some dogs, and a part of some other animal….


I will walk to Groß Kreutz tomorrow. A small walk of about 12km. 3 Stages to go.

See you tomorrow!

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