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Day 30 – Gross Kreutz

Published by Marcel Bootsman on Jun 17, 2019

The morning

After waking up around 4:40am, I decided to take shower and just get ready. I got dressed, packed my bag and watched an episode of a Netflix series. Then, it was time for breakfast. A nice buffet and I chose some health stuff like yoghurt, fruit and vegetables. And an egg.

The walk

Today’s assignment was a walk of 12km to Gross Kreutz. It was a nice walk, with lot’s of sunshine, very few trees for shadow and lot’s of water. To drink.

I took no breaks because walking felt really good. Yes, it was warm. Yes I was sweating. And as long as I can keep sweating, have plenty of energy in my body and drink enough it’s alright. And so it was. I saw a deer, a stork (yes here is the #WAMHST) and my picture was take a few times while I was trying to make a picture of the traffic camera (for speeding cars I think).

Here is the route I walked, and some pictures of today, can you spot the deer?


I will walk 30km to Potsdam, it will be very warm, around 30 degrees Celsius, so I will leave early. Around 5am. Because I will be awake anyway.

See you tomorrow and if you haven’t donated yet, do so here.

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