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On May 19th, I walked to Berlin to raise funds for DonateWC.

Because I'm self employed, I needed to ensure my business still runs after this adventure. I needed to hire a replacement to help my customers during my absence.

My sponsors were the foundation for this fundraising project and made it possible for me to keep running my business during my absence. And that was highly appreciated.

Sponsor or donate?

Let's first explain the differences between sponsoring and donating. Donations are gifts, and the funds that are donated were transferred to DonateWC upon arrival in Berlin.

I walked for 32 days. Of those 32 days, 22 days are working days, and it will cost me around €5000 (and hopefully less) to find a full time replacement. If you would like to attach your brand to Walk To WordCamp Europe and help make this adventure a success, you can sponsor me. I will do something in return for you, as you can see in the package descriptions below.

If the total costs are lower than the amount of  sponsorship funds, the remaining funds will be added to the DonateWC donation.

Sponsor packages

Golden Shoe (0 available)

Investment: €1500


Silver Shoe (0 available)

Investment: €750


Bronze Shoe  (0 available)

Investment: €500


Creative Shoe (unlimited)

Investment: €250


Shoelace (microsponsor) (unlimited)

Investment: €100


Become a sponsor

It's too late to apply as sponsor. I'm fully funded. If you want, you can donate here.

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